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7 years ago

BBC World News availability

I have been a Cox Cable customer since 2001 and the BBC World News on BBC America used to be my go to program for unbiased news reporting. Unfortunately BBC America stopped broadcasting the World News a few years ago. The BBC World News is now broadcast on a 24 hour channel and I would like to request that Cox add this channel to their lineup ASAP. Thank you!

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  • Hi wooki,

    I understand the aggravation of wanting to watch a program/channel and it is not available. I would be more than happy to submit a channel request on your behalf. Please send us an email to with your service address so I can help.
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    FWIW here in the OKC market BBC World News is on our local PBS station channel 713 at 5 PM CDT/CST and early mornings on channel 112 on week days. You might check your local listings. 

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    In the Baton Rouge area  it is shown on the local PBS station on weekdays only, at 8:30 AM and 5 PM...unfortunately I'm usually not home at these times so I need a 24/7 solution. Cox used to offer it in this area but dropped it a few years ago. 

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    Unfortunately, BBC world news channel is not available at the current time. I have seen that you can listen live on the BBC world news website. Please try this till we can possible get this station added to our channel lineup.