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6 years ago

How to clear the On-demand recently viewed list...

OK, so I've exhausted my searches looking for this answer and there appears to be none.  Most all of the information is 2-3 years old and it looks like most inquiries were given up.  Not surprising there's been no advancement on this particular request or function.  I've seen excuses like 'this is proprietary information' or 'we'll forward that to the tech department'.  Ha, ha, ha.  In my opinion they appear to be raking us over the coals in costs and we're paying it, so why would they want to change anything.  The other issue is the proprietary joke.  Yeah, right.  They probably hired some Chinese whiz kid for $50 to write the programming and now they won't pay $60 for the upgrade.  This whole thing is probably also tied to the 3-5 second picture and sound freeze I get several times an hour on any channel and any box.

As a master mechanic I'd really like the opportunity to fix their cars the same way.

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    Hi, at this time there is no way to delete or remove any previously viewed content. As the previously viewed list grows, the older viewed items will eventually roll-off. Hopefully, in the future there may be an update that allows customers to delete those titles or for them to auto-delete after a certain time frame, but not right now. - Carol