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2 years ago

Audio cuts in/out 2 secs on 2secs off continually on channel 81 (Heroes & Icons). This ** and so does Cox fake chat help.

On Channel 81-Heroes and Icons network the audio continually cuts in and out, about 2 second on 2 seconds off. This continues for as long as I am tuned to that channel. It is not an intermittent problem.  What ** even more is that there is no way to email Cox about this. Their so-calle chat help is nothing more than a bot with a bunch of canned responses to issues which have no relevance to this matter.

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    That chat is a bot and sometimes a outsourced rep. Use instead. Have you tried rebooting the box and checking the connections? Does it happen on all your boxes?

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      chat can  be escalated to an agent that actually knows how to help.