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Voicemail timestamp off by 3 hours for over a year now.

I have been having problems with the voicemail time stamp being off by 3 hours for over a year now.  I've tried changing the time using the voicemail menu. I've tried changing the time on my phone hardware. And I've tried changing the time online using phone tools. Nothing works. When I changed the time on my phone's hardware, I actually thought I'd fixed it but as soon as a call came in, it reverted back to the incorrect time.  I've reset my modem a number of times which had no effect at all.

This is the second post I've written. The first one has been locked so I can't respond to the person's question.  

Please help me figure this out. It's really getting old.

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  • Hello, and we may need to open a ticket with you to address this concern. We would like for you to reach out to us outside of forums so we can assist with these personal service related concerns. Due to we will need your account information to look into this. When available can you please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Supply us with your name and the complete service address for further assistance. -Dan