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4 years ago

YouTube Content Creator, Desperate for Fiber Optic Internet in Tucson Arizona ZIP 85641


Like the subject reads i am in desperate need for Fiber Optic Internet.

I am a YouTuber with over 1.6 million subscribers. I recently moved to Tucson AZ to be close to family. I did not realized my channel will take such a huge jump in numbers.

I find myself streaming more and more and my current Speeds are not good enough. 940 Down 35 Up. 

Is there any way i may be able to get fiber to my house or do i need to move to an area where the service is already provided. I have looked around with my team but is very difficult to call time after time to customer service to check for availability. I have tried the website but the site wont show services to New Homes or Homes iunder construction.


I will be doing a video review on this...