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Will New Panoramic Gigablast Gateway Modem Work With Actiontec WCB6200Q02 Extender?

I currently have Cox internet with speeds of 300+ using the older Panoramic modem/router, and I am considering installing the latest Gigablast modem/router. I am also using their Actiontec WCB6200Q02 extender to get Internet to a "mother-in-law" casita in the back of our property, which I believe uses MoCA.  So, I would like to install the new Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway modem, but I need to make sure it will work and connect with the Actiontec WCB6200Q02 extender.

Can anyone confirm this will work?


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    We have an outbuilding that had coax running to it and had nothing but trouble with it. About 50 feet with line of sight. First extender miserable failed, but the nighthawk x4 really does a great job. We can stream 4k and have multiple laptops connected without a hiccup. Easy 40mbps. Do have the extender and router in the house positioned as close as possible on outside walls. Needs differ per situation, but this worked for us. I think the coax they dug in was not suitable for long underground runs. Previous owner first had two separate connections, but then probably decided to run his own from the house. If you do need coax, ensure you have a good quality coax running between the buildings.

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    Thank you all for your responses!  To provide a little more detail on our current set-up, we have cable coming into our main house connected to the Cox Panoramic modem/router (not the Gigablast, the previous one).  We have an out-building in the back yard that also has cable coming into it for TV.  It is set-up as a single account, and the out-building has access to the DVR that is physically connected in the main house; i.e. any shows recorded on the DVR can be viewed in either house.  So in that sense, the two buildings share the same basic cable connection.

    For Internet access, Cox installed the Actiontec WCB6200Q02 extender in the out-building which is connected to the coax wired inside the out-building.  My understanding is that the extender communicates with the primary modem in our main house via MoCA to provide Internet.

    I'd like to install the latest Gigablast modem, but I don't want to lose Internet for the out-building.  My best-case hope was that I could simply replace the old modem with the new one and everything would work as it does now, but it sounds like that may not be the case. 

    So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this work.  I could just stay with the current modem, but I imagine I'll have to "upgrade" eventually anyway.