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6 years ago Internet Activity? shows the "Network Activity" for each device connected to my Panoramiic router. It shows it both as a percentage and a graph ("low" to "very high").

What do these ratings mean in terms of the amount of data?

I'm wondering because I've just been doing some web browsing for an hour and it says my "Network Activity" is at "50%" and "Very High"!

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  • I believe this will be similar to the panoramic wifi app and will show data activity for all profiles and devices on your home network over the past 24 hours and/or 30 day period. The percentages would then be for either for the day or the 30 day period depending on which one that it is currently set to or are looking at. As far as I can tell it does not show the actual usage amount, but rather the percentage. You can always login to the data usage meter to see what your overall usage is.

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      No, that's not it. There is no "per day" data cap. Also, adding the data use percentages for all devices doesn't result in 100%.

      Oh well, no biggy. It's still more functional and informational than MyWiFi.

      Thanks anyway.