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4 years ago

Why is service so unstable this week?

I've been down at least once every day this week, sometime 4-5 lasting various durations.  5 minutes to nearly an hour. 

Why/ what is the issue? I'd rather be down for 8 hours straight to get resolved than this intermittent **.

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    Totally outrageous,  this whole month in lasvegas NV it's been on and off, hours or days at a time, we pay for the best speed we have here, how are we supposed work and our children do school (which my son keeps missing) 

    Not only myself. but my family in Vegas also 

    Should not have to pay the full amount for internet we can not even use, ridiculous,  and all they do is copy paste excuses depending what state you're in, saying due to covid on the west coast and blaming storms on the east coast

    Would like to add, our internet goes off at night and stays off all.night, why is internet traffic so high when most people are asleep , it's on and off all day also

    So tired of the excuses and no real answers!!!

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    I wish I knew. Very annoying that it constantly goes down. We shouldn't have to pay full price if we aren't receiving full service. 

  • I'm having the same problem...and I agree I'd rather be down for day than have intermittent service. This has been going on for a few weeks now.

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      where are you located?  I'm in Mesa, near Power and McDowell?  A friend said yesterday, no problems in Peoria when I was down...and I was out multiple times yesterday.  Was just down this morning...8:45AM for about 15 minutes.

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    I am in Tucson and I have the same issue.  Cox told me my modem was old.  Bought a new one for half what they offered and same intermittent outages.  Where do we complain?  Better Business Bureau?

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      I'm in new orleans, ive been without internet for 7 days already and just got told that they extended the outage an additional 4 days. Seriously getting frustrated.