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7 years ago

why does everything about Cox ***?

I have been a customer for many years and it just keeps getting worse.  I have been complaining forever about the slow download speeds.  I pay for a much higher speed but just get from 0.60 to 5MBPS.

They have even rewired my home which did not help.

Last tech here removed some kind of filter outside which also did not help

I had Geek Squad check my computers but that was not the problem.  I replaced my router about 2 years ago and everybody said the one I purchased was overkill for my home.  Cox replaced the modem.  There is just no fix to this problem

They schedule a service call for me today for between 1 and 3pm.  I asked if they would give me a call 30 min before he would arrive. I ran my errands and got home at 12:30 to wait for a call.  No call.  So at 3:15 I call to find out what the delay was and they told me he had been here but nobody was home.  I said that nobody called me so I was not expecting anyone.  It was his fault as he should have called like they are supposed to do. They said he was finishing up an appointment and should call me in 20 min.  At 4:20 and still no call I called Cox once again. I told them that nobody had called me and if I had wanted a later time I would have scheduled later than 1 to 3pm.  I asked to talk to a supervisor.  After around and around with this girl, she hung up.  How rude!!!!  You never treat a customer like this.  After all, everybody knows "the customer is always right",  

I called once again and after quite a wait got a supervisor and reported this whole mess.  During the call another tech called and said he was on his way.

This has been a very upsetting day for me. They tied me up for 5 hours and think that at $20 bill credit would make me happy.  My time is worth much more than a measly $20.

If they cannot provide a better and more consistent service then they have no business in selling false promises for their "great" plans.

BTW, the interference on my lines which was fixed by this tech hardly did anything at all to the speed. I think Cox needs to replace all their lines and have more of them so this does not keep happening.

I will check out Century Link with their new fiber-optic lines.

I will end up calling Century Link and setting up service with their company.

It is a shame that there are not more internet companies to choose from.

As it stands now I have missed dinner but too sick to even think of food over all this rigamarole with Cox.

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  • AZDesertGal

    Sorry that you're having so much trouble. I'd like to help. Please send an email to: and include your full address and name so I can take a look. Please add to the subject line that this is regarding a forums post.

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