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What is the best way to speak to someone regarding establishing internet service for a new construction?

I called a month ago they were going to check it and let me know and I did not get a response. I called today and was told it will cost $6000. This cost does not sound right because a) my neighbor has cox and the utility box sits in my front yard b) we ran the wires to the house when we pulled the electric. I need to speak to someone in construction the sales rep only know so much. I do not even know how Im going to get this process rolling

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    Good luck. I've been going back and forth with support on a new construction and the date has magically slipped by a month. Cox blamed another group for being unable to fill out the infrastructure while the neighborhood developer says the infrastructure is in place so I'm stuck in a loop and can't get anywhere. Sales, support, serviceability all say they can't do anything and to keep calling back. Such a frustrating experience and I can't find out who is in charge of allowing service to be run when it shows up in their system. 

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    Tell them I ran your wires to the house n might have fixed them  u should tell them the bill for that  job is $6000