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5 years ago

New Construction Question

HI - I cannot seem to get ANYWHERE with Cox.

I recently built a house on a rear lot (meaning my house is about 100 yards from the road- long driveway) At the very end of my driveway there is a telephone pole with COX internet my neighbors use. When building the house we had the contractor run a conduit pipe mounted against the telephone pole and run all the way to the house - also added rope so they could pull the wire. I recently got a quote over the phone after having someone allegedly look at the house and got a quote of 1800$ and an 8 week build. When i asked for a breakdown of what the price and scope of work includes they said they could not provide that to me until i sign the Authorization to start the work. classic chicken and egg. I cant imagine they would charge 1800 and take 8 weeks to simply pull the wire....

Has anyone come up against this?

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