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2 years ago

Upload Speed Dropping Multiple Days.


So me and my wife have been having the issue with our internet where our upload speed just drops and I'm not talking like -3mbps I'm talking our Upload speed will be at like 30mbps and then drop to 2.0mbps. We both game and that's not an issue since out Download Speed has been pretty good usually 800mbps. The issue is we both tend to stream but we cant stream on a 2mbps upload speed if anything we need a 10mbps upload speed. This is also interfering with my wife's work as well since she needs at least a 11mbps upload speed for work. Also we are Hard Wired and the router is a Nighthawk AX6 and the Modem is a Surfboard 3.1. Both really good Pieces of hardware. Before we used the Router Modem provided by Cox and it used to work great but all of a sudden we have been getting drops in our internet for the past 2 years since getting our own hardware since we were already paying so much just to get internet. I've Called Multiple Times to help fix the issue and I'm always just given the run around. I call Cox they say its nothing wrong in their system they transfer me over to Arris and they tell me its not their system to check Netgear and then they tell me its not their hardware and the cycle continues. I just need help this is getting out of hand and we are paying a lot of money for the internet only for it not to work. Has anyone else had issues with their upload speed just dropping? If so what did you do to fix it? When I got the new router it was running great but then we just get those random Upload Speed drops that last for a week then we have good internet for 2 days then it drops again. If someone could help please and thank you and if not I do appreciate you taking the time to read this.

For the record we have the Gigablast plan and yes the router is up to date with updates and yes I've tried resetting it and also factory resetting the router and still not working. 

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    Something may be causing interference or degrading the lower frequencies of your upload connection.  Any coaxial splitters inside/outside the wall plate of the Primary Feed in your Living Room?  Any visible taps or amplifiers along the run of coaxial?  How does the hardware look inside the NID bolted onto the outside of your house?  Any new electronic devices added within your house since this started happening?

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    I know how exasperating it is to have slow upload speeds while gaming & streaming. I'd like to check the modem performance levels when you have a moment please email your full name and address to

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