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Three years ago I ordered Cox's fastest internet service and it was simply great. I raved about it to others. The up and download speeds were awesome and the TV never buffered. So when the gigabit service came out, naturally i ordered it. What a mistake.

I never get the advertised download speed. The upload speed is like having dial-up from the 90s. My TV and YouTube now buffers. Nothing has changed other than I ordered this new service.

Why pay all this extra money and buy a new box from Cox only to downgrade the speed? That and this service is being throttled. An upload will start at a higher speed then throttle down. This is 100% unacceptable. I feel like I ordered the cheapest Internet service at the highest price.

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    If it ain't broke...

    There is a lot of equipment between your modem and the headend at Cox.  Sometimes the adjusted throughput works itself out; sometimes it does not.

    Has this mistake been more than a few days?  If so, direct-connect to the modem and do a speed test.  Someone posted a good test page.  I think it's DSL Reports.

    Would you post your modem logs here?

    What equipment do you have?  Makes, models, NIC, cable specs, etc.