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4 years ago

Too many outages - Central Okla.

Anyone else in my area (73107) having outages so regular you can set your clock by them? For almost the entire month of April my connection drops out hourly. I only notice this when I'm home from work but I would guess it happens during the day which would mess with my kids attempting to do their school work. I notice it happening  between the 30-40 minute mark of each hour (ie 430, 530, 630, etc). The connection drops out for 2-3 minutes the comes back up.  I haven't been able to resolve the issue on my end, reset the modem and router more then once this month, ensured all the firmware is updated and none of that has helped. If there was a comparable option for internet I'd probably be looking into it.

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  • Hi Knighthorse. That definitely isn't normal. Are you wired or wirelessly connected when this happens? I am not seeing any outages in your area that would be causing this. Wireless connectivity is greatly affected by everyone being at home. Please make sure that your router is at least waist high and not enclosed in a cabinet, closet, or near a window. Also, make sure that you have minimal devices connected to your network while you are doing your most important work. Default broadcast bands can become saturated in areas where many signals are present. You can log into the router settings, experiment with switching the broadcast channel of the router to bands with less competition. You can do this typing in the IP address located on your router, or a custom one you set, use your username and password to log into the router settings page. Then open the wireless settings to test out different channels. If you need help logging into your router, you can contact your router manufacturer or we have Cox Complete Care for $10.00 per month who will also be able to assist you with wireless concerns. If you need further assistance, please send an email to and include your complete address and name on the account along with this link. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      This is happening to every device, doesn't matter if it connected wired or wireless. It is most noticeable on wired devices as the wireless ones will switch over to LTE if the connection drops.

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        @Knighthorse, I recommend unplugging the router from the modem and plugging a device directly up to the modem. Please let us know if you are still getting the same drops. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator