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Terrible Packet Loss at Peak Hours.

I have Terrible Packet Loss during peak hours every day. This makes playing games nearly impossible and leads to more buffering than playing when watching videos at some points. There is clearly too much congestion in our neighborhood. This has been going on for nearly 2 years, and I've been telling myself that it's hardware issues, but the fact that it only happens during peak hours, and has been doing this on and "off" for two years has just confirmed this. How can I get a technician to come to our neighborhood and address this???

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  • Hi User, getting a tech to come out is easy. To schedule a service call, you can call Technical Support (800-234-3993), reach out to Online Chat (, or email my team ( We'll be happy to schedule a service call for you! You might want to test a different modem prior to scheduling a service call to help rule out a device issue. You can purchase a modem from any retailer, as long as it is on the list of modems at You can also rent a Cox modem for testing purposes. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator