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5 years ago

Terrible Customer Service/Ripping Legacy Customers Off

I walked in from work to see that my internet modem was completely blank and not functional. I spoke with a Supervisor (badge #B19913) and his two recommendations to rectify the concern was to add a 10/mo charge to my bill or for me to pay $75 to have an technician come to my property. I do not authorize either of those options as I pay a rental fee for this modem. I am required to pay the rental fee for an appliance that I do not own and then pay to have someone fix that same appliance, this does not make business or financial sense. I am a former At&t employee and thought making this transition to utilize cox internet would be a great move. I have been disappointed with the lack of solutions that are offered and enforcing that the customer is fully responsible for any challenges with cox’s Equipment when it is our business that makes your company stay relevant. This is completely ridiculous and I will be sharing this story moving forward to anyone who asks about your customer service.

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    your paying for the cable line maybe that's the issue  they don't repair modems