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4 years ago

T3 time-outs and bad packet loss

Ever since they restored our service after the ice storm, I have been having frequent T3 time-outs and packet loss from a few percent up to > 60%.  What do I have to do to get someone to come out and actually check the line?  As usual, online support is blaming the modem, but I find that highly unlikely as it's reasonable new and up-to-date and the problems have only gotten worse after the service interruptions due to the ice storm.  Any suggestions?


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    I'm in warm Arizona having similar issue.  My neighbor experiencing similar.  We had issues this summer.  Good for a couple months... Now even worse.  Supposed to have tech out in a couple of days... Meanwhile I'm down right now.  It's not  my modem either.   It's ** service. 

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      It is not just you. The same exact thing happened to me. Terrible at start of quarantine, resolved to an acceptable status for a few months, now worst than ever. I am in area code 85032. I cannot zoom conference or anything. I have provided stack traces and ping maps for months to no avail. Luckily I am stopping service at the end of this month.

      Literally, the worst service I have ever had. They gave me my last month free after saying how ridiculous it was. So glad to leave this ISP

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    Hi Tim M.

    Because you started having issues after the ice storm you may want to email us at with your full name and address, in order to get us to set up a technician for you.

    Ben S.
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