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3 years ago

Suspicious internet routing

Have been playing an online game everyday for years now and the host is a server farm in TX and periodically the gameplay will start skipping and lots of lag so I will run WinMTR and observe packet loss.  Call Cox about it and talk to Tier 2 and they can never do anything.  So experienced this again last night but, this time looked up each hop and recorded the geographical location and to jump from KS to TX it is hoping around in Sweden three times and getting 30% packet loss then coming back to TX reaching the host.....what the hell?  Is this some hacker data stealing or why is Cox's routing so goofy to go from KS to TX in the same country?




29% packet loss




I dont know who to call and no one can ever do anything to help so why should I keep paying to put up with subpar internet though AT&T is the only other option around here and they are no better, this **.

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