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5 years ago

Suggestions for down internet at same time every night?

Hi, I’ve had problems with my internet (50 mbps) either going out or becoming slow intermittently for awhile now and can often solve the problem with a modem refresh. For the last five nights my internet has gone down between 6-8pm and does not come up until the following morning around 8 or 9 am. After multiple attempts to get through to customer service with long wait times I was able to speak with someone over chat last night and after troubleshooting for an hour and a half was told they could not fix the problem but could see I had a problem. The only offer was to send a tech out for $75 that would stand outside of my door and tell me what to do to see if that would fix the issue. I have been down this road before and 1. I’m not paying for a service that should be provided as part of their contract for the exorbitant fees I’m paying for month in addition to the equipment I am renting from them and 2. My internet works fine during the day. This has been an ongoing issue for 5 days in a row now and is once again happening tonight and is extremely frustrating. Is cox turning off internet access at night? Is anyone else having this issue? Or can anyone recommend something that may help. I have manually unplugged and rebooted my modem. Unscrewed the cable, let it reboot. Powered down all of my devices and repeated the same process. It will not let me do a modem reset on the website now. It says it is unable to. It’s upsetting that cox is trying to make money on service calls for issues like this when they should be the ones offering a credit for the now 60 hours of time I have not been able to use my internet, but that is another issue of customer service. I would just like to find a solution to this issue. 

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    I empathize with you.  I have had a similar problem for years.  Cox doesn't care.  Their "support" personnel are nothing of the sort, and read the same canned replies to you from a script-sheet.  The conversations are all the same, and make it very clear that the person you're speaking to has absolutely no idea what any of this "internet technology" is really about.  Cox sells you a product that looks and sounds like it will do what they say it will, but the reality is that what you pay for is nothing like what they promised to deliver.  If you're one of the <5% that actually have reliable service, regardless of speed, thank your lucky stars.  Otherwise, you can exercise your "support" options until you're blue in the face, and in the end you'll still be paying very high fees for product that isn't what they've promised, and the burden is completely on you to prove how in a court of law.  Good luck, friend.

  • Hi Chrisa511. I can understand how frustrating it is when your service doesn't work as expected. The only time there would be a charge if is the issue is with the cable outlet in the wall or with customer equipment. If your modem keeps going offline all night, we need a service call so that the technician can check everything and see what may be happening. We will be glad to check into this for you. Please send your complete address, name on the account and this link to to get assistance. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      My internet is out again for the seventh night in a row after working fine all day. I will go ahead and email. I really hope there is a solution to this. It is exhausting and frustrating