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3 years ago

Spotty service obscene packet-loss and upload speeds (Sub 1mbps)

For the past few years I have had service that is non-existant at its worst and unreliable at its best. I use the internet alot.. Entertainment working communicating with friends and playing games I am also a new content creator creating content for youtube and twitch. While I have tried fruitlessly to chase this ghost of a stable reliable connection I am constantly reminded that The issue will never be present when a tech arrives and I will be charged for a visit where there wasn't an issue...

My connection is and always had a lot of "jitter" and when these issue arise my upload speed is literally almost turned completely off it sits at around .2 or less MBPS upload with around 30-80% packet-loss I have tools at my disposal and the techs on chat don't want to help They cant receive pictures or any information that could help them see the issue They always say the same thing "That is really weird it looks okay from my end"

I have ping-plotter running on a second computer just so I can see when my internet is going Bye bye though its pretty easy to tell when my stream drops or I get disconnected from a game or discord.

I do work from home and my stream is also monetized so it is infact effecting my livelihood. It ** trying to build a community around internet that drops out for sometimes hours on end weird thing is though my download speed is relatively okay massive ping spikes aside I can still watch video's and whatnot (most of the time).. So i'm actually kind of fed up with the whole thing I'm tired of having no internet all of a sudden when I pay 130 for the best they offer in my area (gigablast) and to make it all worse they are the only option available.. so even if I wanted to I cant switch i'm just looking for help with a problem that has plagued me since we became cox customers all the way back in 2007 or sometime around there. If there is anyone that can click links or look at screenshots and look at the issue and maybe see something I don't so I can fix it I would be so so appreciative. I just want to be able to tell the technician what the problem is so that I can get it all fixed. 

Sorry about the poor grammar and sentence structure its late I'm tired and I didn't really proof read. Thanks

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  • Hello,

    I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to and we will look into this issue on your behalf. Thanks.

    -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.