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5 years ago

Spam filters and Blocked list

I am having some spam problems.  I have put filters in place with the many partial email addresses used.  I used must contain instead of exact addresses.  And I even put many of them on the blocked list.  They are still getting through.  I try to add them again just in case and it tells me that address is already blocked.  But they are not being blocked.  

Any advise out there?


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  • Hi Tory, are you using Cox Web Mail or a third party program?

    Mike J.
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      Cox WebMail.  Though I do check my email on my ipad and phone from time to time.

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        These methods typically won't work for controlling spam emails as the from addresses used typically aren't valid email addresses. You might have better luck trying to filter out certain works or phrases in the subject. You can also use the report as spam feature in webmail to submit items you're seeing for evaluation to be included in our spam filtering.

  • Same here, my spam filters are simply not working correctly and yes I'm aware they're processed in order.  What I came here to find out though is why am I seeing spam emails on my POP email via my Outlook email program that I am not seeing on Cox Webmail????  I went to my Cox Webmail to try blocking them there but they're not there at all. Why is spam not being shown on my Cox Webmail page but it's getting through to my POP email on Outlook!!!???