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4 years ago

South Scottsdale may have finally been fixed - but probably too late for me

Like many others in South Scottsdale (I'm just north of 86th & Thomas) for weeks my internet connection has been garbage, and unusable for work purposes.  24/7 packet loss from 10-50% making terminal connections like ssh unusable and no one can hear me on zoom.

I tether my phone for my work laptop now, but noticed an improvement on the ping trace constantly running on my personal computer still on Cox.  Just after midnight yesterday morning something was done.  Looks like there's still intermittent bad times, but still a lot better than before.  Centurylink is already scheduled to come out next week though, so I'll see which is better.  

jonathonjoseph and archath I know y'all are near me and have had similar issues.  Have you noticed a change?