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4 years ago

Something has clearly changed in 89123

These are my speeds tonight:  

As opposed to my speeds over the past week:


I have 2 other neighbors with Gigablast that were also experiencing 10-15 Mbps and none of us did anything with our infrastructure.  Clearly Cox found an issue and corrected it.

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    Same here- 89123- speeds were almost back to normal. 

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    Me too. After doing the "reboot everything in your house" dance with Cox for a couple weeks, last night (and today), the DL speed is "miraculously" back to the data rate I'm paying for. All credit to Cox for finding and fixing; discredit to Cox for throwing two weeks of smokescreen while they worked on their problem.

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    yep me too!!! all of the sudden after 3 weeks of **, the day before my bill is due :) ill take it though :)

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      I have had cox for years and it seems my intermittent problems have always occurred. But now it is pretty bad, Can't watch a movie without interruption. And the same applies right now.

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        They blame it on the virus, stay-at-home people, weather, etc. but I do not see a lot of things going on in my area to resolve any problems.

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      well the problem is back for me, yay cox