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4 years ago

So what is happening with cox?

Whats going on with cox? I'm paying $120 for 500mbs for work and gaming. It's advertised that multiple people can use the service at the same time without issues, but I have issues all through out the day. It doesn't matter if it's 11am or 1am, one user or 3 users, I'm lagging in zoom calls and lagging in games where it's practically unplayable. I need to know why I'm get getting the service for which I'm paying for. I understand there's more people at home due to covid, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm paying for a service that's not being provided. They sent 2 techs out to my place, the first tech said its probably the node being saturated, the second tech actually did work and replaced a old cable from the outside leading to the house. I thought it was gonna fix my issues because initially my internet ran better, but my neighbor also told me they were having the same issue. Ping plotter is also showing tons of packetloss. Honestly if there was another provider in my area that could give me the same speedss, I'd switch in a heart beat. Cox has given me no solutions, and still charge me and not keeping the quality of service.  

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    I have gigablast and I've been having issues for 2 months now. I've had like 10 techs come out and still not fixed. In fact I think its slowly getting worse and worse over time.

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