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4 years ago

So frustrated

I'm a streamer on Twitch and I need stable internet service in order to have a good live stream.

Apparently Cox is not the service for that. 

I've had Cox the past month or so, and for about 20 days the internet would just stop working randomly for 1~2 minutes.

If I wasn't a gamer/streamer, that would be fine, but unfortunately I am, and those 1~2 minutes is crucial to me.

Whenever the internet stops working I try my best to get back on but by then half of the viewers are gone.

When I tried to talk to customer service, one person told me to try troubleshooting when this happens, and when I did it said nothing was wrong.

Another person told me they can send a tech but I need to pay $100 because I don't have insurance then proceeded to get sassy with me and said I have no proof of this happening when I have past videos from my stream that just randomly stops because of the internet. 

I don't even know what to try anymore. 

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    This is normal for Cox. I've been trying to get them to fix my system for over a year. If you live in a good neighborhood, you will get good service. For the rest of us, get a router and failover Internet service from another company.

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    Cox is one of the worst internet providers! unfortunately they have monopolized in Nevada I am hoping some other company comes to get these people to do their service better and make it cheaper. I used to live in Virginia and for unlimited data and high speed we did not pay as much as we are paying with Cox now. Their service ** their internet **. and they are overpriced my brother in law pays $45 for unlimited data in Chicago and he says he has no problem with the internet at all. We are stuck with this stupid company until we move or another company comes around... right now we are being cheated with the prices

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    HI, FrustratedUser5. We realize the importance of the connection and you've tried a lot of troubleshooting. Please allow my team an opportunity to use the tools at our disposal to assist you. To get started, please email us at with your full home address, account name, and the link to this forum.

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