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5 years ago

Slow Upload and Timeouts still not fixed after 4th Tech

This is starting to get really baffling to me as I never had this much trouble with COX.

I had this issue since June where I would constantly time out with T3 timeouts. I came to the forums because I wasn't getting help with when I called or used their chat. That is when I talked about my issues and everything.

This is what I was met with:
1st tech told me it was the dbmv of the modem, where it was set to +10 (It goes up to 15 per my old modem's manual, which was MG7540) and he set it down to about 5dbmv. The issue continued with T3 timeouts.

2nd tech told me that he "cleaned up the lines" outside and that it should be much better now. Power went to about +11. Issue continued with T3 timeouts.

COX told me they wouldn't send out another tech until I replaced my modem and router. I spent $300 on the Arris SB8200 and the Nighthawk since I wanted to upgrade to Gigablast at some point. The issue continued with T3 timeouts.

3rd tech came out and disconnected us for about 10 minutes while running his tester to the main line. Told us it was the main line and that it would be fixed within 48 hours as he had to call a guy who works with cables. (It was not fixed as I gave it a full week to be fixed)

4th tech came out, yesterday, and gave me a new COAX cable (the one inside was about a year old), said all the signals were good, even the main line that the tech before him checked, and then proceeded to tell me techs are lazy. Then he had me try a bunch of things that I've already tried, and then told me it was my new modem's fault and that I should use my old modem/router combo while I wait for my replacement.

Now I re-activated my old modem/router and it's out of spec now due to the dbmv being at +18. So now I have to get another tech out here to lower the power until my replacement modem comes in later this week to switch it again, to which I'll need another tech out to increase the dbmv for the Arris.

Every single tech that's been out here has been a contractor with COX but does not actually work for COX. I feel like every one of them doesn't really know what's going on and all they tell me is that my signals in my house are good.

I wanted to upgrade to Gigablast but if this issue isn't resolved with my replacement modem of the Arris, then there really isn't a reason to upgrade if all I'm going to receive is 1.5mbps of upload and timeouts.. My upload speed should not be anywhere between 0.9-2.6 and be near 10 which is what I am paying for. It's crazy that no one can figure out what's going on or even listen to me when I say that the signal dropping out is intermittent. I know my download speeds are great but everything upload is garbage. It just feels like I'm being ignored and it's frustrating.

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  • Teraptor,

    I can understand why you're frustrated. I'd like to help. A tech wouldn't need to adjust your signal based on the equipment you are using, so I suspect something else is going on. If you are using a modem that needed to be replaced previously I'd like to see what things look like with the replacement you are expecting. I'd recommend keeping a log of times you experience trouble with your new modem so we can look at this when there is an issue. You can email us at for faster assistance with either activating your new equipment or if you need help with your service. -Colleen, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I do get my replacement modem on Friday the 17th. I will absolutely keep a log of what goes on because I feel like I am going to have the same issue with the new modem, just because this issue started with my old modem/router combo that is only a year old.

      I have noticed about a million of uncorrectables with the modem I have currently that is going to be replaced again.

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        This sounds similar to my issues. I have had 5 techs come out and the issue still persists. Really wish I could get some real help.

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    Update: I thought I should update.

    I got the new modem Thursday and same issues. While the upload speed is at 9-10 Mpbs where it should be, I am still disconnecting every 20-30 minutes. I sent the logs in an email and I still haven't heard back and it's been 3 days.

    So I'm not sure if I should still wait for support from an email or go through the headache of tech support through telephone/chat.

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      Hi Teraptor. This appears as if you may need someone to look into your account personally. We would definitely be able to assist you with this. Please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp via DM or visit us on Facebook via private message. Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Okay, so the email system isn't working right now for COX? I am only asking because it was a very lengthy email, but I can try to use Twitter or Facebook instead.