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5 years ago

Slow speeds, packet loss, Edmond Oklahoma

I’ve had cox for a while now without any issues. Recently started getting really slow speeds and disconnects. Tried chat support multiple times and they told me both times that I had something wrong with my router or modem. I replaced both and they still said I had problems. Called in by phone and the guy found some issues with my connection. Turns out there was some issue in my neighborhood impacting everyone. Wish I would have known this before spending $300+ in hardware. 

2 days later and the disconnects stopped, but speed is still slow. Hardwired into my router I get around 3mbps at night, around 25 during the day. I’m on the 300mbps package. Not sure what to do at this point as I keep getting the run around by cox. 

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    your issue will not be fixed, I have been getting loss for over 2 years, gaming is not an option come nighttime, I have been in contact with them on email, phone, and still have yet to get a fix, literally save yourself and just switch isps, cause you dont want to be stuck in this loop, trust me, just switch.

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    I was paying ~120/mo, and signing up for a new Panoramic box for cable and wifi, they upped the anti-to $324.00/mo and my bill was $657.50 for May 2020. Talk about lying, conniving pieces of ***. They did NOT tell me of those impending charges. Cox are thieves and liars...period. No business scruples whatsoever, no natural qualities of humanity. They are SCUM...PERIOD.

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      On top of that, they screwed up my connection to my blue ray, my handheld remote, and I can no longer listen to my favorite music. Thanks ***. Plain enough for you dickwads?

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    We’ve seen an increase in internet traffic as people have shifted their work and school activities home in response to coronavirus. Customers may be seeing greater impacts in their neighborhoods at certain times of the day.

    Our engineers are working to solve the problem, but until they do our customer service team can’t offer more information. We know this can be frustrating for our customers, so we have a few things customers can do in their homes that could improve their experience.

    *View and manage devices on your home Internet. You can turn the kids’ iPads off when they’ve reached an agreed-upon time. Or pause their
    WiFi when you’re on an important video call.

    *Verify that there are no unrecognized devices using your Internet. If there is one, consider changing your WiFi password.

    *To help protect against future threats, Panoramic Wifi customers can turn on Advanced Security in the app.

    Please try this if the problem persists please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp. visit us on Facebook, or email at

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