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4 years ago

Severe Packet Loss Affecting Everything

For the past few months our internet has been running poorly, to the point where games lag and stutter, videos buffer, and pages load slowly. This shouldn't be happening considering we have 150 MB/s download speeds, but apparently Cox servers are dropping packets.

This needs to be reported to NOC so field teams can fix whatever is wrong with your equipment. There's no reason we should be paying full price for internet that doesn't provide full service.

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  • Right there with you my friend. The tech we had out here on Friday said we had between 16% and 30% packet loss at the tap, he said a network specialist would be here Monday to fix the issue, still nobody has came....The last tech we had in Jan 31st said the same thing, still no tech has shown up.

    We were told in April sometime that we're do for a node split, I doubt this will happen either. It's so unfortunate, the people at COX have been super nice and willing to communicate, but it doesn't seem like nice equates to working internet. Our upload speed right now on our Gigablast connection is .20kbps, when we're supposed to be getting 35mbps, so we're getting Kilobytes instead of Megabytes...We have not had an upload speed of over 1mb in two weeks now, not for a second, not at any point during the night, morning, day. This is crazy.

    I don't care about paying for my internet, I just want it to work, my second source of income is through Twitch and Youtube donations, and I can't even stream to receive this. I'm so over it though, at the end of April is the amount of time I'm willing to give COX by which point we will downgrade to a crappier but WAY more stable ISP, I will take 100mbps download and 10mbps upload that ALWAYS works over 950mbps download and 0mbps upload any day of the week at this juncture.

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      You should probably email support as well with an MTR report showing the packet loss if someone hasn't been out to fix it. I haven't had any real issue with customer support frontline either, but the engineers and field techs are either understaffed or not managed correctly. Getting our initial install took 6 literally run a coax wire from the street to a nearby utility pole.

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    Hi @Xerces,
    Thanks for sending that screenshot. I recommend that you email us at with your full name and address.

    Ben S.
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    Same issues for me. Just had a tech confirm it's an overcapacity issue. I'm in West Chula Vista and the packet loss is 10-40%, while in Bonita at my parents with the same 150 service it's 0% loss and full speed (at least during the day).