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3 years ago

Same story over utilized neighborhood.

I've had the tech(s) plural out to my house.  Everyone one of them finds a different issue that could be the issue but nothing works.  I know they like to focus on WiFi but that is just a secondary service of the 1Gig connection to the house.  We are not a big user of internet with exception to a few hours at night and on the occasional weekend that my son is not working. With that being said, when he is on his Playstation it is unreliable. WHY?  Well like many have already stated in many other treads in this forum, it has to do with over utilization for the neighborhood node.  I recently had a business technician run a report on my address and found that the utilization for our area was in the "Red".  He said when you have your tech come out have them run a report on utilization and they will be able to escalate the issue to the maintenance team.  My latest tech had no idea what that meant and had been working for COX for 15 years.  His suggestion was to remove the other WiFi devices in my home and that should help the wired connection. SMH!  He did say he would ask about the information I had provided but wasn't sure if it would be approved for an additional work order.  So, now I type this message and put on paper (Computer) my issues before I call/text the person that is going to ask me to reboot my modem for the 500th time in the last 10 days.  Not that they will understand my frustration as they can only read from the playbook that they are given to resolve basic issues.  Where is the expert level support number? How can I by-pass this step without screaming at the poor person who is only trying to do their job, but won't work outside of their small area of responsibility.  I know, you can email  Will that get the results that I need or just another response of woe is you.  WHEN WILL COX ACTUALLY PROVIDE A SERVICE THAT I PAY FOR?  Not some of the time but all of the time.  I'm glad SRP and/or APS don't provide power if and when they feel like it

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