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6 years ago

Ripping People Off

5/27 - Was told 2yrs ago during the initial cox setup that I was only going to be getting the 50mbps for internet, which was all I wanted. Periodically my bill started to increase once that year was up of “introductory pricing”. Found that they were charging me $40 for tv & from day 1 I never received a cable box. Also, through my access from being a former At&t Corporate employee I was able to periodically check cox’s pricing and equipment they can sell. I noticed that the 50mbps became a grandfathered deal and they were no longer offering it. I called in a few times to discuss the increase in my bill and was never told anything about that happening and never got any credits from unused tv services. Instead I was paying for the both the tv and 100mbps but getting 50 still and no tv credit. Called in today to get some assistance and they thought it would be funny to leave me on hold until I hung up. I even told the representative that the company can keep the money from the wasted tv add on and to just give me an appropriate internet price with removing the tv from the bill. Told me it was going to be 30-1hr to wait on help. I’m not waiting on hold again to get no where. This is not a game! I would be very appreciative of assistance or I would hate to be the guy that gives every representatives name that I have to the higher executives to get a resolution on the matter. 

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  • Hi. That is not the way we want our customers treated. We can help. Please email your complete address and name on the account to and we will be glad to assist you. Thanks, Lisa
  • Welcome to Cox Cable and the way they do business.  They are constantly bumping up your internet speed without your permission and charging you more or just charging you more for 50. Now you can’t even read your full bill so who knows what they are charging you for. Keep an eye on them.