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Repeated brief connection interruptions cause VPN to disconnect and reconnect repeatedly, losing work

Hi - I connect to work via VPN, we use a Cisco AnyConnect client, and repeatedly throughout the day I get brief connection drops, which causes the VPN client to disconnect and automatically reconnect.  The biggest problem this causes is loss of work.  I do a lot of work on Workday, using backend applications that notice immediately when the VPN is interrupted, causing them to terminate and reset my connection to Workday.  If I'm in the middle of something, which I often am, work in progress since the last save is lost.  This is tremendously frustrating.

Likewise, we use Teams and Zoom, and these connections are repeatedly briefly interrupted, which can mean missing critical parts of a meeting or conversation, and looking like I'm distracted or otherwise not paying attention.  This too is a big problem.

Can this be fixed, or do I have to change internet providers?  I hear AT&T has fiber in my area, is that a better way to go?


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