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4 years ago

Remember to report Cox to the FCC

Please remember that if you have an issue with your internet and cox cannot solve the problem while still continuing to charge your every month, you should contact the FCC.  They are there so that companies like cox cannot abuse the monopoly they hold over many users.  Before disconnecting service and giving up contact the FCC first and tell them what's happening.

here is a related post that is talking about this as well

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    Pretty sleazy of Cox to lock that original thread. I assume this one will be locked as well, but so glad I saw. I will be sharing with my neighbors. My complaint has just been submitted so fingers crossed something finally happens.

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    Thank you! For the month of March I have had 5 days without service. Still more than a week left. I will definitely be submitting my complaint as they clearly do not care when the complaint comes from a customer.

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      I apologize for the frustration you’ve been experiencing with your Cox services and I want to help. If you change your mind, please email your full name and the street address on your Cox account to, I’ll be happy to investigate.

      Jonathan J
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    I will definitely be taking this into consideration, although I am completely ready to change ISPs.