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5 years ago

Refusal to Help with Email

I use MS Outlook for Mac (latest version) to receive and send email. I was unable earlier today to send via my Cox email account. I could receive email, but not send. My account is set up as instructed by Cox and the problem just started early this afternoon.

I called tech support asking if there was a problem with the server. The representative refused to help, said it was an Outlook problem, and refused to transfer me to someone at a higher level that actual knows something. She continued to claim that it was an Outlook problem. She was only willing to sign me up for some technical program for a monthly fee.

Well, I can now send email and thus, it was an issue with the email server - not my system - as I told her. Something needs to change. 

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    You want change in a time of change (COVID-19).  I agree the support was abysmal but hopefully only temporary.

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    i think i talked to that same rep when i had the same sending issues with outlook16, as she could only deal with webmail.

    some reps are very good & others shouldn't be sitting in the tech seat.

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      Outlook is not a supported email application unfortunately. Self service support options are available by visiting

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        agreed but some tier2 reps still provide help.

  • @CASmile, I can certainly understand your frustration over this experience. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator