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4 years ago

Random packet loss started after a bad night

Hello everyone,

I have always used the gigablast plan without any issued until a few days ago (9/20/2020), when my internet speeds were sub 1mbps and I just figured cox must have been doing some work. Whatever it happens. The next day everything seems fine and without any issues (speed test looked good), however I start noticing that at very random times, I will have some packet loss no matter what I am connected to (Rocket League, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, discord etc.)

All the wiring is very new, everything checks out signal wise on the modem and there are no major events/issued logged.

I suspect that whatever was being done to a box perhaps was not fixed. This has been going on for 3 or 4 days at this point and the issue appears at all times of day

An example node to look into is the following: - This one is owned by cox

Location: Gilbert, AZ

Logs since the issue started (note that on 9/20 which is when my internet was terrible, there were tons of errors):

Current levels on modem:

Current Downstream (pt1), ends at channel ID 24:

Current Downstream pt2 and upstream:

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    Im in Jeanerette Louisiana, and i've been having packetloss issues.

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    I'm in Tempe, experiencing similar issue. Any resolution yet?