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Random Disconnects/Noise

For the last year Arkansas cox has been trying to find and fix the Noise in the neigborhood that is causing everyone Disconnects, we get hours or days at a time with little to no internet, for what we pay we should have great speeds and 0 issues but for a over a year now we have had nothing but problems daily and no internet when we need it. Packet loss everyday and tried new better modem and have had pole to house checked and all good. Have had a tech's out on several occasions and always get the same answer " still looking for the noise" Cox is the only internet alloud in our neighborhood. Does anyone have recommendations? Considering getting a hotspot from someone else at this point so i can work or watch tv again, till the new service starts coming into the area in a few months. 

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    If you have had multiple technicians out and they can't find the noise/ingress then I suggest filing an informal FCC complaint. Try to coordinate with your neighbors to collect data like signal levels and event logs(probably showing T3 errors?) so it will have more pull. If you want to know how to collect that data, what model modem or Panoramic gateway do you have?

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    Has anyone checked to see if there are any ham radio operators in your area? Sometimes there are people with boosted rigs that can cause all kinds of issues. 

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      I know ALL about those kind of problems. My step father is a Ham radio operator out of Connecticut. He had a huge tower mounted to the chimney and another one strapped to the porch. When he was doing his thing the signal was so strong we could hear stuff through the toaster.

      BTW, check out this site to see what broadcasters are in your area.

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    Do you live anywhere near Greenbrier, Arkansas?  Maybe one of your neighbors is running a crypto-mine that's causing your issues.