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4 years ago

Random Disconnects Every Few Minutes

I'm currently experiencing disconnects that can interrupt video streaming and disconnect me from online games. It's not the "worst" problem in the world, but I'm paying a pretty high monthly, so I'd think this wouldn't be an issue.

I'm going to make a guess and say that it's the cable line (I had MUUUUCCCHH worse connection with a COX modem, and so switched to a NetGear 6220 which has worked out better for the most part) .. During December and early January, with the colder temps, I'd lose all network access through the night until the next day, usually starting at 9 - 10 PM. It hasn't happened recently, but I have been having instances for the past few weeks where I've lost connection for as long as 10 seconds, and it would interrupt anything that was downloading or requiring constant contact with servers (Discord, Twitch, any or all Online Games, Netflix). 

I've been monitoring my modem during these instances, and it looks like it's remaining online (as in no random reboots), so the Modem at-current is working as intended. I've done modem reboots (both locally and through Cox.Net's site), and I've even gone through Modem cache dumps. I've unplugged and replugged cables on the modem to no effect.

It effects BOTH Wi-Fi and Direct connections, so it's not a hiccup in Wi-Fi (I get those from time to time, but that shouldn't bother a Desktop PC that's directly connected to the Modem). Cables connected to the wall and to my various devices/power connection all look in good shape, so it's not these things either.

Firmware is up-to-date on the Modem, as per what Cox has listed for automated updates on said Modem Brand/Version. 

Not sure what else to add, but I'm willing to answer further questions to get this fixed.

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  • I am seeing some varying amounts of packet loss to your modem currently. We would first recommend bypassing any cable splitters if possible and check the cable line on both ends to make sure it is tight. Otherwise, we will likely need a technician out to your home to investigate further.

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      I do not use cable splitters as I only use the outlet on the wall for the internet connection. I can see if there's anything loose with the connection between the wall and the modem connection itself, but as stated before:

      My fear is that it's something that a technician may need to look at.

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        @Orzene, please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at to schedule a service appointment. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator