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3 months ago

Cloudflare Tunnels on Cox

Switching from Windstream to Cox Fiber 2gb. I use cloudflare tunnels on my home lab server. This works fine over my Windstream connection. Nothing to configure on the router. When I plug the server into my Cox router, I'm only able to access it over local IP. Can't access it from the internet like I can over Windstream. I've tried rebuilding the Cloudeflare Tunnel and reinstalling cloudflared on my ProxMox sever with no luck. Anyone else doing this, and may have some tips? TIA.


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  • What does your liaison for Cox Business advise you to do? Don't they offer you B2B support line?

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        I'd recommend that you review your Terms of Service which you agreed when you signed up with your salesperson.

  • You should receive a free equipment upgrade within 3 years if you're renting. And security is handled on the Cox side. No worries of router updates or DDoS attacks. Also they're blocking common inbound ports as a courtesy so even if you can't secure your homelab they can't be smurfed. 🤭