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4 years ago

question on speed

So I have an old modem only through cox.  I think motorola.  I have 3 google wi-fi's.

Speed shows as blazing fast on my google test apps.  I just added some cameras to house that are 4K and now streaming is funny at time. 

I have the 1000 mbps speed package that has been fine up until now.  Its not terrible but could use a bump.  


Do I upgrade my router to the Cox router/modem- one (one of many) that can stream 5000 mbps  to stop streaming issues or just get another google wi-fi? 

Home is 3000 square feet.  

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    What's the make and model of your modem?  Have you done speed tests directly wired to the modem?  If so, what's an average result?  What's the make and model of your routers?

    You have UHD cameras but do you need to surveil in UHD?

    Be careful about manufacturers' claims of 5000+ Mbps.  If a router is duel-band, manufacturers will add the max bandwidths of each stream together.  Also, these speeds are theoretical and not real-world.

    I'd avoid Panoramic.