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5 years ago

Problem with 2.4 band getting "Access Point temporary full". Does Cox have limit on devices?

I keep getting error message on 2.4 band "Access Point temporary full"  So my Ring doorbell drops connection along with some of my other devices.  I have rebooted Cox gateway, which clears up problem.  But after day or two problems comes back.   Does Cox have a limit on number of devices allowed to connect to network?

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    Honored Contributor III gotta love those error messages:  Access Point is Temporarily Full.  It only begs the question:  full of what?

    I'd also assume assigned clients but it could be anything.  You'd have to dig into your logs to review assigned connections, errors, processing power (if possible), signal quality.

    A moderator would need to expound on "Full."

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    I begin getting the same message a couple of days ago. I only have a few devices running wirelessly. My TV's and computers are wired with CAT 6. Any solutions? I called Cox 3 times and the advice was to unplug the router....didn't work. I have the panoramic wifi with gigablast in Norman, OK. 

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      Make sure you had the SSID for the 2.4 and 5 GHz set the same and that the channels are set to automatic. Please check the link

      Jonathan J
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        The doorbell and lights run on the 2.4 only. Will that make a difference since the 2.4 is the only one that says "temporarily full."

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    no but the speed connection you pay for advises "how many devices".