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5 years ago

Printing email

I am using a Samsung Tab A tablet, I access my email account via Cox's myemail (, use Firefox as my internet browser and my printer is an Epson Workforce WF-3520 All-In-One. 

When I open an email and select the "print" option from the drop down menu (the 3 parallel bars) I see a page preview showing the email and at the bottom right are "CANCEL" and "PRINT" buttons. When I select "PRINT" absolutely nothing happens however, when I select "CANCEL" this button works fine and the page preview is cancelled. If I select the print option offered by Firefox (drop down menu, "Page" then "Print") the Epson WF-320 printer page preview displays but a portion of the right border is chopped off.  I have verified and re-verified all settings on my printer to ensure they are correct and I am using the recommended Epson Print Enabler app for Android. There are no options offered by Cox to adjust the borders on my printed page view thereby allowing me to change the borders to not chop off the right side. . NOTE: Using my Toshiba Satellite S855D laptop running Windows 10 I have no problem printing any email, only when using the Samsung Tab A.

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    Hello. Through our research, we are seeing that the Firefox app isn't offering a printer friendly version of the email. Please try to print from a different browser to see if you get the whole email printed. Please let us know what happens. If that doesn't work, you can reach out to Firefox for assistance with the app, as this is outside our scope of support. Perhaps another Forums member will have some other input. You can try to save the email in a PDF document or copying and pasting the body of the email and printing it. You can also subscribe to Cox Complete Care if you are not already subscribed, and reached out to them and they can assist you.

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