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4 years ago

Price increase

COX never ceases to amaze me.  They are like the phone company, as they have a monopoly in my area.  The only other option is satellite which **.  As such, they treat their customers like garbage.  They raise rates constantly, offer better prices to new customers than existing ones (14 years). and use crazy voodoo formulas to get you a better price when you call to complain.  Then they fail to tell you that the new price is a "promotion" and will go up almost double after that time. Why  do they make me call in and complain before they offer better pricing, which still isn't as good as a new customer.  As soon as another provider gets here or 5g is mainstream, I'm will be most of their customers.  If they don't see the writing on the wall and start treating their customers a little better, they will be done.  

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    Same. I am forced to use tv and phone service. I got better price and higher speed before I move. 40$ more with same service 

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    Same experience. Cox never respects existing customers. High increase after promotion, I tried to keep the cheapest internet service only without any contract until I find another provider.

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