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4 years ago

PORT FORWARDING don't work ! ! ! !

I've setup port forwarding with the correct IPv4
shows in the settings of the port forward section

but when i check my ports on

nothing is opening

i've restarted my computer / modem
reapplied the settings nothing happens

nothing is working and it seems they're  trying to fish 10$ outta me to talk to the customer support whos gonna magically turn it on for me

this smells SUPER FISHY!

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  • I get the same fishy vibe myself.  I am setting up a Mine Craft server for my son and his friend in Florida and all I need to do is forward the port so they can play.  I have been trying to apply the settings for a week and no dice.  When I try to contact someone to help I get the same "You need to apply for our NEW support service".  I think this COVID Sh!# has turned everyone in to money grubby B@$!3rs.  COX is no exception.  I am heading to Best Buy to buy a new modem/router so I can set this up myself without COX monitoring or controlling what I can or can not do in my own house!!!

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    the entire industry that controls modems/firmware all took out port forwarding out of the gateway
    literally wasn't broken now it is
    how you break something that wasn't then offer 1 star service to fix the thing they broke and go o'well is mindblowing

    I still wanna see the industry discussion or talk on why that was a good idea.