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4 years ago

Poor Tech Support When Experiencing Intermittent Interference Problem

For period of days to maybe a few weeks at a time (around the holidays for the past several years) I experience "loop" interference that causes low of no Upload bandwidth for anywhere from 30 minutes to 7 hours.  Every call to Cox Technical Support is the same "scripted" troubleshooting sheet which says "I'm having trouble see your modem, I going to send a reset", followed by "I'm going to need to send a tech out to look at the problem".  Of course an intermittent problem is never there when the tech arrives 24 hours or more later.  Then the tech looks at the line coming into the home (but first they cut off the old connector and replace it), they look at the signal in the house at the cable modem, and they go to the service head to look at the signal there (neighbors backyard).  They find no problem and say to call again if it comes back.  NO RESOLUTION!

You explain on the next Tech Support call that this has happened in the past and to look through your account notes and history which they do and they says "We're Sorry" and we must send out a Tech before we can elevate the problem to the next Tier.  So it all starts over from the beginning.

My problem has been investigate in Nov/Dec 2018 by a Cox FTS manager (Chris Carty) in Santa Barbara and Cox found that interference was being caused by equipment somewhere on my "loop"  They had a trace on my loop at the office to catch the problem and they called me to inform me of what they saw and that they would investigate and resolve the problem.  I left town for the holidays and when I returned I didn't have the problem for at least 7-8 months.

The problem came back in 2019 during a brief period and I began this whole process again through Tech Support and nothing was resolved before the problem cleared itself.  Now in 2020, I have had this problem come back twice but now the FTS manager that I communicated with has been promoted and moved on and I have no access to any engineering support again.  So my only hope is to actually get lucky and have a truck roll catch the problem so it can be elevated.

That makes for very "p??? poor" customer service of a utility (MONOPOLY) that is critical to home based workers during this pandemic.  I would think that Cox would double their efforts to provide the best service as possible during this time but they have just maintained the "Status Quo" at a time when customers need more attention to solving Cox service problems.

Why can't customers who have experienced multiple cases of the same service issue (Cox service based problem) be afforded a more detailed investigation (i.e. follow-up) of the "recurring" issue instead of being thrown back into the start of the "hamster wheel" of Cox Technical Support.

I am dismayed at the lack compassion and understanding sometimes with Cox and how they think all their customers are idiots when it comes to technical matters.

The best one today was that the Tech Support person I spoke with reminded me that I may be charged $75 for today's Tech Support visit.  The gall!  

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    As luck would have it, I tried to get the Tech out here earlier this morning but Cox couldn't get here any earlier than my scheduled appointment (around now).  Of course the problem, which started at 7:06 this morning, stopped at 11:06 (exactly 4 hours?).  This will be a wasted Tech visit.