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"Please Login To Reschedule The Appointment" Error Bug

The BugI have a service appointment scheduled. When I click to "reschedule appointment" it instructs me to login, despite already having logged in (I clicked the link to manage the appointment through my user dashboard, I am definitely logged in).

The complaining: So now I can't attempt to reschedule the appointment without calling one of your techs, hopping through a million phone menus, one of which required me to answer whether I wanted to know the latest sportsball score.  And of course, this is after I spent 2 hours of my day waiting on a tech that may come at any point in that two hours, only to get a text *informing* me (not requesting) they may arrive up to 2 hours later than our scheduled appointment. Sure, I'll wait another two hours so your people can come do their job, because your product failed me. At least I never have to worry if the reason your upload speeds are inconsistent and prone to dropping after rain gets into a line you can't bother to properly maintain is because Cox is investing too much into their scheduling services because they're just as inconsistent themselves. I guess it's a good thing I have no plans today, and plenty of time to wait for your techs to eventually get out here. 

And another thing: Do not blame this on the tech, do not apologize for their lateness. Apologize for Cox's inability to maintain their lines, and use scheduling systems in which technicians are provided ample time to complete their work without overlapping with other appointments. But mainly just fix your site bug.

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    Hello, there some appointments that can not be rescheduled online. Please reach out to us at for more personal support. -Crystal
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