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4 years ago

Panoramic Wifi connectivity issues with laptop only

I just installed the Panoramic device and Cox internet at home. The WIFI works well with other devices but not with my laptop. My laptop is Dell XPS15 and it doesn't any problem connected to other WIFI or my iphone hotspot. The connection with my laptop dropped very often and I need to restart the Panoramic device every time. It's really very inconvenient because I need to work at home. Can you please help me with that? Thank you very much!  

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  • @yl2020, Do any of your other devices experience this issue? Also, when it happens, does your Dell laptop still see the wireless network? If so, do you get any error messages? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Hi Allan, thank you for responding to my question. My laptop is the only device experiencing the problem. When it happens, my laptop is still connected to the wifi and the network. It just can't open any websites and all the apps on my laptop can't be connected to the internet. The messages that show on the browser are like: your internet is interrupted or the network was changed. I looked up everywhere and tried the methods such as to run command prompts "flushdns" or make change the DNS server addresses. Is there a way to solve it? I searched o the 

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      I searched the forum and found another person had this problem before but I didn't see how he/she fixed that. Thank you for your help.

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        If not connected to it already, you may want to try connecting to the 5Ghz network with this computer as the 5Ghz network would usually be less susceptible to wifi interference.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    i'm not sure how old your laptop is but i have the same issues with a 10 year old dell/i5 laptop.

    it sees the pano unit but won't connect.

    i provided my own router before pano unit. now i use an rj45 cable from pano to router for wifi + another rj45 from old router to 2 older pc's that don't have wifi capability.