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Packetloss for Over 2 years, and no fix.

All started a few years ago, getting packetloss in a game I currently played, back then I had 0 knowledge about anything internet related. So I did what any customer does, call the ISP, and tell them. I did, they sent a tech out, no fix. I keep calling cause it is getting really bad, and I am about to lose my mind, maybe 20 or so techs later, at that point I start looking into YouTube Videos, and learned a few things that people did to get COX to fix the internet, So I did the following, Download Ping Plotter, and run it for a few days, and when I lagged in game, I would check back in Ping Plotter, and bam! PACKETLOSS, I would quickly screenshot it and send it to a rep over email, they would follow up with nothing here i can see on my end, so i kept doing that for months, and many more techs, switching modems, replacing drops, replacing anything that can be the problem, was using the Panoramic Gateway at the time, and one tech gave me a ARRIS modem, and that helped a little bit with ping times, and some packetloss. But like all good things they come to a end. Then after more weeks of monitoring my network, and sending the info to cox, I get a call from a Senior Tech telling me he will be at my house around 7:30pm, to catch the packetloss, and I forgot to add the issue changed from constant loss to only getting loss at night, started when COVID came about, when everyone was on a stay at home order. And the tech stayed up there with his laptop on a conference call with 5 other people, that were monitoring my neighboorhood, they said they would see 7% at one house then 10% at my house, kinda like it was bouncing around, then after that a line crew consisting of 2 people told me they will be working the area for the next 2 weeks, everyday they would stop by to tell me to check and see if anything changed, and it didn't for a while, but one day they came by and told me that a AMP down at the road, blew up and ate the cable to the copper wire. and said you should see some improvement, and i did, and they continued to work in the area, fixing ingress, and such. But something they did fixed the internet, said they found a plant issue, and corrected it and it was fixed for a few months, then it came back, and when I realized what i went through to get to that point, endless hours watching ping plotter, emailing, etc. It consumed my free time, I then learned as much as possible about internet troubleshooting, we recently bought a NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK R7200, and a ARRIS SB6183. Which has been doing well for me. The cox modems kept rebooting and causing issues, so I spent 75$ and got a reliable modem. So, with that being said, I doubt I will get close to getting this fix, but I am sharing my story and hoping someone with authority with COX sees this and tries to help a long time customer out with a LONG time issue, Thanks for reading this. 

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