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4 years ago

Packet Loss in COD MW 2019 with Cox Panoramic Gateway

So, I have been having what seems to be packet loss in COD MW 2019. The connection symbol which consists of 3 orange or yellow boxes constantly pop-up when playing and I lag badly when this happens and it happens every game a good portion of the matches. I have tried port forwarding all of the ports for PC for the game since I play it on PC but, that doesn't help any. I have also tried a VPN but, which in some cases seems to help at some points but, maybe that is just a coincidence. It is extremely annoying and hard to play especially when I am trying to play semi-competitively. Does anyone have any possible solutions / suggestions   

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  • I feel you brother. I'm in the same exact boat as you for years now.

    Same connection emblem and all

  • @UnifiedOblivion, Do you experience this issue with other games or just when playing COD. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I don't really play any other games at the moment. I did test csgo for around 10 minutes the other day and didn't notice any packet loss. But, in cod I notice it very quickly usually. Now, at early morning hours (late at night) I notice minimal loss if any at times. I have also have used pingplotter and noticed 40%+ packet loss on my connection.

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        When you see the loss with pingplotter, is the game running? Are you able to also test to the same server with all background software closed, using an ethernet connected PC?

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