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6 years ago

Outlook 2016 frequent popups asking to re-enter user name & password for server.

Reading the forum it appears this is a known issue; and hoping there is a solution.

Background; I have had my cox email account for +10 years. Same email address, username, password.

About a year ago I started getting occasional popup windows while in Outlook asking  me to enter my user name and password. Some days it will happen a dozen times, then weeks go by and all okay. Very random. In the past weeks the frequency of the pop ups has increased to the point that it is now almost constant. 

I have multiple email accounts on Outlook and it is only the Cox email which has this issue, so I don't believe it is an Outlook problem.

I have done all the standard things, set up new profile, delete and re set up email account, etc. Same problem.  As others have suggest it appears to be a problem with Cox's servers. 

Hoping there is a solution, as status quo is not acceptable.

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  • Hi apctjb, are you able to login in on the Cox website using your primary userid and password? If yes, please test your Web Mail to see if you are able to send/receive emails.

    I suggest that you change your password to a completely different password, log out and then log back in using the new password, send/receive mail again. Then logout of Web Mail and update the password for your Cox account in your Outlook email program. Close Outlook, then restart it and see if this clears up the issue.
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    I have the same issue and, although I have tried several settings (SSL, none) and set up my Outlook pop3 server per website, I still frequently get these annoying pop-up asking me to re-enter my password.....

    Any added suggestions?!

  • Hi Lennyk1,

    It sounds like you're describing a POP and SMTP issue that our mail administrators are currently investigating. Are you able to log into and access your Cox Webmail? If so, please know we are working to resolve the issues with Outlook as quickly as possible.

  • We are having the same issue on our email at home and on both Samsung phones.  It asks to enter user name and password for server  What the heck is going on?

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    I'm using Windows Live.  Been having the same problems with multiple pop-up boxes requiring password the last few days.  I just cancel or X-out these boxes and I'm still able to send and receive email.  Just annoying.  This problem has been occurring from time to time over the last several years (been a Cox customer for over six years).  Call Cox.  Always the same answer " We don't support any other email client other than Cox email, so the problem is with your email program".  Called yesterday to Customer Service.  Was told that they weren't having any current problems and weren't aware of this issue of multiple pop-up boxes (I wonder if they read this forum?).  What was funny, within a hour or so after I called the pop-up boxes went away.

    The attitude I got yesterday from Customer Service was "just use our email service and you won't have a problem".  That's fine but if you have multiple email accounts (even if all are Cox) you have to sign-out of one account and sign-in to your other.  I know Cox is a web mail system but considering how many email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Live Mail) allow you have multiple email accounts show up in one window it seems Cox would get on the ball and catch up to modern technology.

  • @Remote Control

    There is a known issue that is causing email clients, such as Outlook, to pop up the authentication screen. At this time, I suggest accessing email through our website directly until the issue has been resolved. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    Since this issue has been going on for 6 months and since just before the firt of the year it has become more frequent. All one has to do is try to send and receive multiple times and eventually the accounts will work , but then later in the dsy the pop-ups will appear

    Since this is a new issue , seems like it would be resolved by now.  

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    I get those pop ups from time to time but not often. Looks like the Cox email server fails to communicate with the external Radius server to get the required authentication. Many companies frequently have user login info on a separate server (Radius server) and it requires a fast and strong data connection to the application server (Email).

    Experienced IT people can recognize and correct the problem quickly. ..... and then there are those that muddle along pretending to be IT experts because they one took a course in data communication.  ... sigh...

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    In my Windows Live client I've always had two email accounts. One was a Cox account, the other a Gmail.  I've had both of these accounts for years in the Windows Live.  Just a few weeks ago I kept getting the "need login" boxes but also I couldn't send or receive my Gmails into the Windows Live client.  I also would get another box stating that "couldn't complete request - send or receive Gmail".  I did some checking and found out that Google has made some recent changes to their email security protocols and these protocols don't consider programs like Outlook, Windows Live, etc. to be secure enough for their Gmail program.  In order to get the Windows Live to work without the pop-ups I deleted the Gmail account and added another Cox account to my Windows Live.  All worked fine until a few days ago when the pop-ups reappeared.  For the last couple of days though I haven't experienced any pop-ups.  Like many companies, it appears that Google wants us to use just their product.  Through some searches I found that there are a few companies that offer email clients that can handle multiple email accounts and are compatible with most email services.  Some of these email clients can be downloaded for free.

    If you have any email accounts other than Cox (Gmail, etc.) and you are using Outlook, Windows Live, etc. you might check if this may be the problem with the pop-ups and the inability to send and receive emails.