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4 years ago


So we get no notice of an outage and then after about 20+ min  of trying to trouble i search and search for the hidden number to call even if you google it the number won’t pop up. Wait on the phone and on the chat no response no nothing. Just on the app again and oh won’t you notice a outage in the area and i guess it’s due to some upgrade. Y’all need to upgrade y’all notification system. We pay all this money and can t even get a notice. Thanks Cox……. Unsatisfied customer not a great way to run a business i guess y’all need a class action law suite i order to get a team together to send notifications and compensation.  

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    I want to make a complaint too and don't know how to. I am a full time nursing student and work full time and a single mom to a toddler. So the only time I can study is at night. Late night. I got an outage the other day at midnight to 745am. Right when I was in the middle of my assignment. Had to send proof to my professor to not mark me late. Then it just did it to me again. I am trying to study for a HUGE test fri morning. On top of that, a few weeks ago there were multiple times there was an outage early morning and I couldn't even log into my live zoom. Try explaining that twice in a row to a nursing professor. Its really starting to upset me and affecting my school work. Yet I am paying a high amount. Someone should be giving me a discount for all this inconvenience, especially if you are setting me up to fail a semester!!!

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      @Hoslerjenn, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • @Lkgareld08, I recommend using our Cox app. Among other things, the app lists outages in your area and is also updated with estimated times for restoration. You can learn more about the app here: Planned outages are typically communicated within the bill statement and/or door hangers/flyers. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I find this to be a silly suggestion...use an app to check for unplanned outages. I find that cox support lives in the dark in relationship to outages.

      If you post an issue in this forum a bot auto replies with...

      @Hoslerjenn, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator

      and tags a (possibly fictitious) employees name to the suggestion. As if this helps. Most people have already tried calling support to learn that support is not really support. The script that T1 support is tethered to is as follows...

      1. Lookup your account

      2. Has it been out long? What is long to one person is not long to another. How long has it been out?

      If it has been out 5 min in the middle of a backup cycle that runs 1 time daily...that was too long

      3. Non-technical troubleshooting (reboot your modem and direct connect to a single device)

      If you have been walked through this previously you do this every time before calling

      4. If still out...check to see if the NOC (Network Operations Center) at COX has officially recognized the outage

      5. Apologize (again and again and again)

      6. If the NOC did not consider this issue severe enough to declare an outage...Schedule a line tech to come out to clip and recap the home wiring connection (even if it has been done multiple times in the past)

      7. If still not fixed...Apologize (again and again and again and tell the customer that cox values their patronage...translation TY for giving us money where COX is not accountable for maintaining quality service

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    I suggest you, and the rest of us, contact our state and federal representatives. Ask them to enact laws requiring companies to compensate consumers when companies waste their time. The first encounter should be no-fault, but after that if the company does not address a legitimate issue, the consumer will be compensated for their time spent on it at the same hourly rate as the company compensates its CEO (complete with benefits, stock options, etc.). This under the theory that a consumer's time is as valuable to him/her as the CEO's time is valuable to him/her: we're all born and we all will die.

    In your case, your situation is a bit different. Most people who've posted here, tried to get Cox to address a problem, and Cox keeps jerking them around. In your case, it sounds as if Cox might have known about the outage, planned for it, but failed to notify you. So Cox wasted your time. If so, then there should be no no-fault excuse; instead, you and other customers should be compensated for any reasonable amount of time you spent due to Cox's negligence. Not notifying you for a planned upgrade would be negligence.

    The one legitimate excuse in your case would be if the outage was unforeseeable, Cox responded to it immediately, and Cox had no way to contact you to let you know what was going on.

    OTOH, failure to staff phone and chat support adequately would be negligence, and therefore your time trying to get such support would be compensated at the CEO rate.

    Such legislation would have three positive effects. (1) It would create an incentive structure for spatial monopolists like Cox to provide decent service. (2) It would discourage the outrageous growth in CEO pay (since 1978: 940% for CEOs vs 12% for workers; the ratio of CEO:worker pay has grown from around 20:1 to as much as 278:1). (3) It would serve justice by compensating persons who did nothing wrong but must subscribe to Cox because of lacking alternatives. 

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      Hi Darius, service issues are never convenient, we certainly respect your time and appreciate you choosing us to be your service provider. I'll be happy to pass your suggestions along to our leadership. Don't forget too you can use our Cox Mobile app to check service status, sign up for update notifications, and see any estimated time of repair if that information is know.

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    These ISPs are terrible, phone reps are a joke and the hardware stinks. Outage report here, just going to cancel. Plain and simple I’m done.

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      @DonnieSkuza, We can assist you with outage concerns. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the concern to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.