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3 years ago

Opening Ports

I am installing a Bobcat 300 Helium Miner.  I have a Netgear CM500 cable modem (DOCIS 3.0) connected to the Cox cable, and an Apple Airport Extreme router connected to the cable modem.  My Miner is connected to the Ethernet port on the Airport Extreme.  I have Cox residential 150 service.

The Bobcat connects to the Helium network, and the hotspot is Huge Concrete Tortoise on the Helium Explorer,  BUT the connection is RELAYED.  Helium says that this is because port TCP:44158 is closed and that it needs to be open both inbound and outbound. 

Anyone have suggestions on how to do this?

Anyone know where the closing of port 44158 is taking place?  The Airport Extreme, the Netgear Cable Modem, Cox head?

I have read the list of Cox filtered ports but 44158 is not one of the forbidden ports.

Is this related to my being a residential customer?

Any thoughts on resolution would be very helpful.  I see on the Helium Expolrer that many hotspots have this issue.